Maars Medical is a young medical company headquartered in Paarl. We are a boutique medical equipment supplier, focussing on  Spinal surgery.  We love spending time in neurosurgical and spinal operating rooms supporting our products with surgeons and nurses where we can contribute to better patient outcomes.


We have selectively aligned ourselves with “best of breed” suppliers and manufacturers in these specialty areas. Maars Medical is a growing company in targeted niche segments essentially to “stick to our knitting” and to ensure our focus remains on the most important people in our market – patients and surgeons. Maars offers a variety of theatre services, spinal prosthesis, spinal equipment and innovative technology.



A new theatre model with highly skilled theatre consultants assisting a surgeon in all areas of the procedure

A variety of high quality equipment to fit every spinal surgery need.


Partnered with the best prosthesis suppliers locally and internationally to offer a range of high quality prosthesis


At the forefront of the latest technology globally and a trendsetter in South Africa spinal innovation



Better Access

Preserved Tissue 

Less Trauma

Elite’s Spine division offers a wide range of products that are shaped by the philosophy: premium quality products with ease of use instrumentation.

Through innovation and accountable research and design establish best in class products. Provide quality spinal implants at prices affordable in a third world country.